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Tamar Weinberg is a professional hustler: a passionate customer success advocate, inbound sales leader, digital marketing strategist, and freelance writer. As the author of the bestselling O'Reilly book The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web, Tamar has been an early adopter of all things social+tech. She has spoken at dozens of conferences and has been recognized in a number of global publications, both print and digital.

Tamar was Mashable's 6th hire in 2007 and has helped grow the company tremendously through her sales efforts that have spanned six full years. Additionally, as Namecheap's social media face, Tamar has spearheaded all substantial customer acquisition efforts, growing the company more than tenfold since her arrival in 2009 through her strong personal emphasis on strategic marketing and customer happiness/success.

Tamar is currently actively seeking an opportunity where she can remotely contribute to the overall growth of a small company, just as she did before time and time again. Her ideal role would be to manage teams and focus on inbound sales leads or customer happiness/success, as those are problems waiting to be solved and she's a real time closer and fixer. She currently resides right outside New York City with her husband, two daughters, and a son.



As an extremely motivated, dedicated, and disciplined worker, Tamar Weinberg is a hustler living the Inbox Zero lifestyle. A self-starter who is able to tackle tasks small and large in just about everything, she has worked on all behind the scenes elements at major startups, from sales, to community support, to communications, to legal matters, to operations, to business development, to marketing, to system administration--and then some. Her passion started in computers, knowing that she wanted to do something where online community interaction was involved. Slowly, through some of the most unique roles (including a private investigator!), she found her comfort zone, realizing it was in effective communications to help grow companies. Her ideal role would be to join an early stage or established company in a leadership player/coach capacity where she is able to help wear many hats and build upon the company's bottom line.


With the rapidly changing digital landscape, Tamar has been an early advocate of the importance of customer success in the marketplace, consistently reiterating how customer success acts as the intersection between service, marketing, and sales. This experience has grown through her real time responses to concerns expressed within social media channels and email for Mashable, now a top global media property, Namecheap, a top domain name registrar and web host, and Lifehacker, a productivity weblog. Tamar holds to the notion that social media amplifies empowering customer service experiences and aims to provide that high level of support in a rapid fashion on a consistent basis.

Tamar has worked in an inbound and outbound sales capacity. Her strength lies in converting the inbound lead, and she's a killer closer. She has worked with all types of clients across the globe: nonprofits, government agencies, Fortune 100, B2B, B2C, insurance services, marketing software, media agencies, and many more. Tamar's focus is on creative solutions, but more importantly, client relations and account management. She puts a strong focus on the client and takes pride in how effective her real time communications have translated into customer loyalty and repeat business.

In May 2012, she gave birth to her daughter, 16 minutes before midnight on a Friday night. On Saturday night, from her hospital bed, she closed a 6 figure deal. Mind you, this happened all on Mother's Day Weekend. Can she do the same for you?

As an early adopter, Tamar discovered social media in the early 90s and was deeply immersed in the space before most even recognized its existence and potential. As social media became more mainstream, Tamar was one of the first digital marketing strategists offering social media and content marketing services and helped put many small companies on the map. Among other digital marketing disciplines, she is familiar with search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, public relations, retargeting/remarketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and link building.

Tamar builds her own computers and maintains a Linux server in her upstairs closet. As such, systems administration and tech tinkering has always been not too far from her fingertips. She focuses these days on server installations and migrations with WordPress and ensuring that code stays up to date, but occasionally wishes to tackle other tough tech tasks.




    Tamar puts a tremendous focus on the client in the Zappos mindset. She created Real Time Email, a consultancy of sorts that speaks to her culture of being responsive as soon as a customer needs her.

    Tamar puts a strong emphasis on relationship building to help grow a company's bottom line. She can upsell the existing customer and can convert the interested party. She is a killer closer.

    Tamar forges partnerships with startups and businesses to amplify visibility between client and the business, making for two very happy new companies.

    Tamar is a multitasking guru, a real time emailer, and an Inbox Zero observer. She hustles everywhere and anywhere, wearing dozens of hats simultaneously, managing the most mundane to the most complicated tasks. She has invoiced, budgeted, dealt with legal matters, responded to the boss's email, scheduled meetings, and everything in between. If she wasn't working 100% online, she'd probably have cleaned toilets by now (and wouldn't complain). It's all about what it takes to grow your company!








  • Dec. 2009 to Present
    Social Media and Social Customer Experience Manager, Namecheap

    Responsible for all social media initiatives and inbound customer service via social media channels. Provided a foundation for customer support and client acquisition through proactive responses and creative marketing approaches. Helped secure the title of "best (and most popular) domain name registrar" two out of two times through top weblog Lifehacker. Used competitive analysis on multiple occasions to grow membership base from less than 500k domains managed now to over 4 million.

    Membership surges spearheaded by Tamar:

    • Save the Elephants, 2011
    • SOPA, 2012
    • CISPA, 2013
  • Feb. 2008 to Present
    Chief Strategy Officer, Small Business Trends, LLC

    Oversees advertisement sales, content and stales strategy, and social media strategy. Manages all account management as well with small clients, startups, media agencies, and public relations firms.

  • Nov. 2007 to Oct. 2013
    Global Advertising Director, Mashable

    As one of Mashable's first employees (#6) who began working at the company when it was a small startup, Tamar has worked on all behind the scenes elements: business development, editorial, ad operations, marketing, invoicing, legal issues, communications, community support, training (remotely!), and more. She has worked with clients of all sizes from small one-man shops to enterprises. Her primary focus was converting inbound leads and upselling existing clients and encouraging renewals. She carried a 7 figure annual quota and consistently surpassed all goals, sometimes even doubling them.

    Previous titles:

    • Community and Marketing Manager (2007-2011)
    • Global Advertising Manager (2011-2012)
  • 2007 to Present
    Founder and CEO, Techipedia

    Established one of the first digital marketing consultancies focused on social media marketing, assisting with small businesses to Fortune 100s. The operation is mostly inactive while Tamar seeks to replicate the success and grow a company versus working for herself. :)

    Focus Areas:

    • Link Building
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Pay Per Click Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Public Relations
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Competitive Analysis
  • 2008 to 2009
    Editor, Tech Decoder, Real Simple Magazine

    Wrote product reviews on gadgets that would make people's lives easier.

  • 2007 to 2008
    Contributing Editor (Gawker Media), Lifehacker

    Published numerous daily editorial pieces on tech, productivity, and life hacks and managed the very active inbound tips mailbox in real time, responding to customer concerns and considering tips for publication on the website.

  • 2006 to 2007
    Web Hosting/Tech Support Administrator and Social Media Director, 10e20, LLC

    Managed Linux web hosting infrastructure for over 400 client websites. Installed, maintained, and configured software to ensure for server stability and security. Worked closely alongside product managers, clients, and developers to ensure seamless integration of agency-built software. Compiled extremely detailed product and server documentation and help desk reference guides to be used by local and remote partners and clients. Established a foundation for digital marketing during a time when social media was merely building momentum.


  • Sept. 1999 to May 2003
    Columbia University / Barnard College - Computer Science Major / Psychology Minor

    Actively involved in maintaining the student and administrative computer/network infrastructure as a Junior UNIX Administrator and Residential Computer Consultant.


  • Among the top 50 most successful users on former social media news site Digg.com
  • Named #11 on the Top 100 Most Influential Marketers
  • Guest Lecturer at CUNY Baruch College, New York University, and the University of Denver
  • Speaker and Guest Lecturer at the popular NYC educational program offered through The Learning Annex
  • Conference Speaker: PubCon, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), IZEAFest, and many others
  • Winner of many awards, such as the SEMMYs, Search Engine Journal's best social media optimization blog, and others
  • Expert Judge in multiple awards programs, such as the Search Engine Strategies Awards, the SEMMYs, SEOmoz's (Moz) Web 2.0 Awards, and Marketing Pilgrim's Search Engine Marketing Scholarship


  • "Tamar is lightning-fast and nearly always online." ~Stephanie Schwab, Crackerjack Marketing
  • "Emailing Tamar is like chatting with anyone else. We got as much done in an hour as I would get done in days with others! Communicating with her made project planning and running a breeze." ~Luke Alley, Avalaunch Media
  • "In working with Tamar, I always found her to be on top of things to an extent that one often finds in close knit and very experienced teams. In other words, she's a one woman army of diligence and proficiency. What's more, is her tech savvy means she can provide both leadership and wisdom. She's a pleasure to work with." ~Frederick Townes, W3 EDGE
  • "Tamar has a deep knowledge of community growth hacking and is a strong business leader hailing from years of tech startup experience." ~Jennifer Collom Bluemling, Borrowed By Design



Tamar Weinberg

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